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OIDA Therapy

With Perennial Psychology as its philosophical and theoretical foundation, OIDA Therapy is a practical method for investigating and healing humanity’s malaise and dissatisfaction. With the help of OIDA Therapy, people can learn how to use the healing and motivating power of faith to create individual and collective well-being, thanks to the many different positive influences of this healthy and balanced lifestyle. OIDA Therapy strongly promotes the central idea of Perennial Psychology, namely that faith in a transcendental dimension of life is a legitimate healing path.
Perennial Psychology considers human beings to be individual units of consciousness, and its model of intervention is oriented toward curing by strengthening a person’s healing faith.


OIDA therapy produces different methodologies that help people understand their inner self through faith, including present the OTM (OIDA Therapy Meditations).

The OTM is the collection of experiences and testimonies of faith that have become famous quotes, artwork, photographs and inspiring stories.

The OTM help us restore or strengthen our faith, balance and happiness in our lives. The OIDA Therapists use these OTM in their therapy sessions, seminars and courses offered in educational institutions or simply as a tool for reflection of all enthusiasts.


The application of OIDA Therapy in the field of education is called “Faitheducation.” It proposes that education be expanded to include the principles, values and goals that are the wisdom of the mystical traditions. It is complementary to current pedagogical models, and its intention is to motivate students to seek these qualities within themselves and thereby discover the true essence of who they are.
The meaning of the word “education” is very broad. It has a dual etymological origin. One of these is “to lead” or “conduct/behave,” while the other meaning is “to draw out.” The terms are complementary and provide insight into what it means to be human. More





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