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OIDA Therapy in Education - Faitheducation

The application of OIDA Therapy in the field of education is called “Faitheducation.” It proposes that education be expanded to include the principles, values and goals that are the wisdom of the mystical traditions. It is complementary to current pedagogical models, and its intention is to motivate students to seek these qualities within themselves and thereby discover the true essence of who they are.

The meaning of the word “education” is very broad. It has a dual etymological origin. One of these is “to lead” or “conduct/behave,” while the other meaning is “to draw out.” The terms are complementary and provide insight into what it means to be human. They are also the basis of a teaching method which emphasizes helping students identify their ability to use their free will to come to their own convictions and faith. In this way, they will be able to make distinctions and decide what is best for them. According to OIDA Therapy, human consciousness develops and evolves to the degree that we live by universal values. OIDA Therapy teaches us that these values, derived from diverse mystical traditions, are the foundation for preserving a healthy faith. This is the main focus of Faitheducation.

Since we, as human beings, are constantly involved in a learning process, trying to apply this knowledge to our lives, Faitheducation can apply to anyone. However, this application of OIDA Therapy is basically directed to the upbringing of children and young people, since these early years are the stage when they are structuring their beliefs about the meaning of life, their faith, and their relationship with other people and the environment.

The OIDA approach is intended to make our lives fuller and more meaningful. We grow internally and become wiser from the experience of confronting the difficulties and tests life presents us. Faith in our ability to triumph in life, to overcome our weaknesses and tolerate the difficulties allows us to become progressively more aware, more sensitive and more highly evolved.

One of the main purposes of Faitheducation is that we come to recognize the importance of embodying and living the previously discussed human values as much in practice as in theory. We need people who can be living examples to others through our actions toward others and toward our environment.

At the same time, Faitheducation is committed to freedom of thought, which is necessary if we are to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions and become more discerning. In addition, Faitheducation encourages us to renew our commitment to life, filling us with enthusiasm for becoming guardians of the well-being of all living beings with no exceptions. When people experience a higher taste and genuine satisfaction fills their existential emptiness, they begin to recover their well-being and finally obtain what they had been seeking from material sources. We all know very well that psychological discomfort is the hallmark of our current era in many different cultures and social conditions. This sad situation usually deteriorates into sickness and, lamentably, an increase in the suicide rate.

Under the label of Faitheducation, OIDA Therapy opens up to the world the fundamental idea of Universal Love and the idea that education should be based on freedom, respect and “listening to a being with all its possibilities.”

1. Implications of Faitheducation

* We recognize that we are all have the potential to be active creators, both individually and collectively.
* To can figure out the foundations of our belief system.
* To reinforce individual responsibility by recognizing the relationship between cause and effect in our decision-making.
* To accept Universal Love as the underlying ethical principle of life.
* To evaluate our use of our free will.
* To reinforce our natural inclination to serve humanity
* To use alternative technologies and institutional information to apply the principle of Universal Love.
* To understand pedagogy as the basis of personal growth, which should be present throughout the entire educational process, as a result of being respected, always being heard, and experiencing what has been learned.
* To give dimension to our potential role in the reconstruction of a better society by focusing on the integral healing of the student and helping him dissolve the bitterness and dissatisfaction caused by a society that nourishes itself on violence and irresponsibility. *To accept the application of Faitheducation on the part of the teacher at any time and in any place. The teacher’s thoughts, feelings and actions ought to be coherent.
*To overcome the implications of traditional intellectual consciousness. This provides tools for solving whatever type of problems that may arise.
*To recognize the greatness of the human body and its creative possibilities, with its different aspects and intelligences for development and empowerment not only on the psychological, but also on the physical and spiritual levels as well.
*To go deeper into the common cause of humanity without distinctions of race, politics or religion, thereby inspiring service as a necessary activity for integral development.
*To value the potential of students without promoting the development of the unfair and ruthless competition typical of an exploitative, consumer society.
*To use the tool of continuous self-evaluation, as taught by OIDA Therapy, understanding that daily life is the subject of this evaluation.