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Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

By promoting a healthy, respectful and compassionate diet, OIDA Therapy embraces the idea of giving love and respect to all, including animals and Mother Earth. Following our common sense, we try to avoid any type of unnecessary violence against ourselves the animals and the environment by eating a healthy, vegetarian diet.

In OIDA Therapy we emphasize those factors that directly affect our physical, mental and spiritual health, including the kind of food we eat. Although it is important to eat a balanced diet that gives us the nutrients necessary to be physically healthy, we are also concerned about where our food comes from. We want to know where it was grown, how it was stored and for how long, as well as the state of consciousness of the cook and so on. In other words, we consider it important to be aware of how our food got to our plate and the results that it will create for us.

We especially recommend that you adopt a lacto-vegetarian diet with dairy products and honey being the only animal products or, better yet, a vegan diet with no animal products at all. When we eat meat, chicken, fish, eggs or fish, we are consuming not only their proteins and fats, but also feeding our consciousness with information about the pain and suffering the animals experienced while they were being slaughtered. This information is stored in the adrenaline and other substances secreted by the animals in their fear and anguish at being killed. There are also substances peculiar to the natural decomposition of cadavers like the enzymes cadaverine and putrescine that trigger the mechanisms of apoptosis or programmed cellular death. These and other biological processes seriously affect our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Healthy eating starts with lacto-vegetarian or vegan diet based on organic foods that led to the realization of compassion and Universal Love.

Making a Conscious Vegetable Garden

One of the therapies suggested by OIDA Therapy, which relates to healthy eating, protection of the environment and inner healing is to plant a conscious vegetable garden. This is considered a therapy of faith through which we can contemplate the wonder of life and be part of it.

A conscious garden is one that is planted with seeds that have not been genetically modified and grown without the use of chemical pesticides, which contaminate the earth and the foods.

We can cultivate our garden on land set aside for that or, if we do not have enough space, we can use pots on the balcony of our house, in a garden or on a terrace. The materials we need are very simple: organic seeds, clean water, earth, natural fertilizer, time, songs, prayers and patience. Later you will harvest healthy vegetables and a great faith in marvelous Mother Nature and Her seeds.

When the earth is ready to cultivate and we are ready to begin planting, in the moon phase most suitable for the type of cultivation, we can say the following prayer to Mother Nature:

“Beloved Mother Earth, You have maintained me with Your fruits. Today I ask Your grace that I might be a little gardener in Your service. I ask that You please give me faith in Your seeds and in the service I wish to offer so that the Supreme Being, as the true enjoyer of my efforts, will grant me a successful cultivation. I offer myself to Your marvelous efforts. Please allow me to learn and be grateful for the beauty of how we are maintained by You.”

This therapy teaches us to be careful in choosing the food we are going to put into our bodies. Also we experience the connection between the well-being of plants and our care, love and protection of them. This increases our faith in the wonder and perfection of Mother Earth’s creation and in our ability to harmonize with our environment in an active way.

As a part of the therapy, we consider it an act of faith to do some work in the garden, to see the seed we planted come up and to protect the seedling from weeds. We can compare this process with what happens in our lives. It is similar to our preparing the base wherein we are going to care for and grow our seed of faith, protecting it against bad influences and harvesting the well-being and happiness that germinated and grew from it.

To work in a garden is also an excellent life lesson in learning about gratitude and charity since, at harvest time, you can cook something delicious, offer it to the Supreme Creator and distribute to the needy. This is the most beautiful way to put compassion and the spirit of brotherhood into practice.

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