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  • *To facilitate indiscriminately the physical, psychological, social and spiritual   healing of everyone in the world. (indiscriminately is not the best way to say this. Better something like regardless of race, religion, color, age or gender or political beliefs.).
    *To recognize and promote the healing potential of faith
    *To promote the therapeutic processes of ancestral, mystical traditions, that have helped resolve (Why not fulfill?) the essential needs of human beings.

    Some of our main actions for the accomplishment of these goals are:
    1. To help people to overcome those destructive, egotistical, ungrateful and inconsiderate influences that make them sick and which affect their lives and the lives of others.
    2. To provide society and educational institutions with guidance for renewing and complementing los pensum ? academic of education so that children may have the facility to acquire and embrace a positive faith based on the teachings and experience of the mystical traditions and of older brothers of the past from the ancestral traditions, which are really beneficial for the individual and for society.
    3. To investigate the possibilities of healing processes which produce well-being and closeness to what we call Universal Love in human beings.
    4. To develop and distribute literature, documents, videos, web pages, correspondence courses and to send representatives of OIDA Therapy to different parts of the world to offer relief and healing to anyone desirous of receiving it.


To realize goals of OIDA Therapy, the practical method of Perennial Psychology, in relation to the disturbances and dissatisfactions of the self. We want to help people to achieve physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being through the healing power of faith. Consequently, OIDA Therapy seeks to benefit individual and collective well-being, using the motivating energy of faith, thanks to the diverse healing influences which create a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. (Esta oración dependiente no seque suavemente del resto de la frase.)


Our vision is to promote the application of OIDA Therapy, in order to lead people to achieve a more responsible society, a society which works united in diversity, seeking common objectives such as peace, well-being and Universal Love. In such a society, people are aware of the result of developing their lives based on their beliefs and faith through an analysis of their actions, relationships, habits and intentions in order to identify the position each one has with respect to their healing.

manifesto ofoida therapy

OIDA Therapy:

  • 1. Admires the ability of human beings to have faith as a phenomenon with unlimited possibilities.
    2.  Promotes faith as a step toward a life of healthy activism for the well-being of oneself and of the world.
    3. Considers faith as a basic element for all living beings on all their paths.
    4. Considers that every kind of faith should be evaluated in order to guarantee that it does no harm to any other living being or the environment.
    5. Thinks that educators should promote freedom of faith with teachings about the marvelous results that different faiths have obtained. (¿Qué clase de resultados? Mejor decir algo más especifica.) Likewise the dangers that exist when faith is not properly evaluated.
    6. Considers that the different mystical traditions have enriched humanity with their contributions, and, for that reason, encourages everyone to go deeper and heal themselves with the practices of those mystical traditions that touch the heart.
    7. Does not discriminate against any kind of faith, but teaches the precautions that may provided by genuine sources of healing.
    8. Thinks that anything that discourages the free development of faith in the field of material science places the free development of people in danger.
    9. Believes that the state should protect its citizens by providing non-sectarian information about the history of all the different types of faith that have had an important impact on humanity.
    10. Considers that the use of psychoactive substances is harmful for people’s integral health, since it prevents the growth of their consciousness and a truly effective process of transformation.
    11. Promotes faith, trust and the necessity of receiving some external help and of believing in a Supreme Manifestation upon which we depend.
    12. Accepts that the internal faculties of feeling, thinking, desiring and listening to the inner voice are natural processes of being that help achieve self-realization and progress in one’s life.