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OIDA Therapy in Art – OIDArts

As we have said earlier, faith need not be considered a one-dimensional phenomenon, even though its semantics are strongly inclined toward religiosity. Although faith naturally includes spirituality or the idea of our being related to the Supreme Being who sustains us, faith lends itself to a series of different focuses, which can develop from different contexts. An example is its relationship to the mystical, the sacred and different values like respect for life, liberty, justice etc. The real importance of the development and expression of faith in OIDA Therapy is that it leads to the well-being of the individual and of society and to the construction of a suitable life that contributes to a better world.

In this classification of ideas, the OIDArts, the application of OIDA Therapy in the arts, proposes the healing of the individual through artistic creation. Faith is an inner experience, which enlivens us on every level and implies that we take an active and responsible position in the world being conscious to communicate our ideals, experiences of transformation and evolution by creating something concrete that one could call a “work of art.” Faith in a Supreme Being and faith in a better world are different facets of the same phenomenon, which gradually can develop in us true transformation and healing.

1. OIDArts: Means and the Ends Are the Same

The amiability of human beings is a reflection of the Supreme Creator, a latent gift each soul can develop and which can fulfill his reason for being, when offered in harmony with the supreme love that conceived him. For this reason, art opens the doors to a universe where the soul can elevate itself.

OIDArts provide the marvelous results human beings get from the exercise of their creative power. In artistic activities, one can redirect one’s talent toward transcendental goals as a healing process, while at the same time fulfilling the highest goals of art.

On one hand, the very fact that we dedicate time for artistic creation implies an important enrichment of our lives, especially if we feel that no other activity could fulfill the primordial needs of our being. Furthermore, if we accept a discipline to improve our technique and our artistic creations progressively, then our work and the process of creation will reflect our inner advancement.

On the other hand, one could see this manifestation of conscious art as the consequence of the joy and peace we experience when we come into contact with the sacred and with the higher values of existence. Whether it is for spiritual life or the struggle for altruistic ideals or the construction of a coherent and harmonious life, there is a need and a possibility of expressing these experiences in art as a symptom of intense emotion, happiness and a level of elevated consciousness one arrives at by developing love for the Supreme, our fellow humans and our environment.

What are OIDArts?

There are no strict parameters to qualify or label a practice or expression as OIDArts, but rather the common denominator of its focus on faith as therapy, expression, motivation, inspiration, goal, function and projection.

OIDArts allow us to understand art as a vehicle for expressing our feelings, emotions and other manifestations of being which cannot be externalized in a rational way or with conventional language. For that, OIDArts constitute a therapeutic application through which each one of us can literally externalize everything that may be causing some internal discomfort or disharmony.

Art with this focus is an encouraging and healing motivation for our lives, which seeks to bring us from the misery and contradictory drama of the human condition to a transcendental platform where we find relief, clarity, strength and, above all, happiness. For this reason, OIDArts open up an entire gamut of possibilities for expressing our inner state through beautification and, primarily, through the appreciation of the beautiful and the sublime.

Historically, concepts of beauty have been demonstrated to be mutable and dependent upon many subjective and contextual factors. Added to this, there are many big discussions about what art is and what it is not. Not only because the boundary between the fine arts and crafts and industrially-produced works is hazy, but also because, since the beginning of the 20th century, works that expressed ugliness, dissonance, and extremes, including the grotesque, atrocious and repulsive, were reevaluated as leading edge artistic movements, which increased the range of expression which could be called art. (3)

3. One could say that a determining factor in this aesthetic change of direction of Modern and Contemporary Art is the profound deception and contradiction humans had to confront as a result of world wars, particularly WWII, in addition to all the horrors, unrest, fears and anguish humans with which humans found themselves facing in the modern world which promotes a lifestyle that is unobtainable for the great majority of people.

Although the purpose of this writing is not to get involved in this complex and almost interminable controversy within the aesthetics of art, it should be noted that art is above all a form of communication. OIDArts pose an interesting question in the face of the deception, absurdity or mere entertainment.

For that reason, we include in OIDArts any work, activity practice or teaching related to art, which can identify with one or more of the following general criteria:

*To promote in people better civic conduct, corresponding to the behavioral norms, which improve community life, based on respect for our neighbors, the environment and public resources.

*To increase our loving sensibilities toward other living entities

*To increase our feeling of responsibility toward Mother Earth and, in the end, to work for Her protection and preservation.

*To motivate people to protect the defenseless and the needy who are exploited by those who use power unjustly or to act against circumstances of manipulation and improper exploitation.

*To promote the protection and union of one’s family as well as the universal family

*To help improve our physical, psychological and spiritual health

*To be enthusiastic about deepening the search for truth and love in the great mystical traditions

*To try to preserve ancestral, cultural values about healing and having a constructive and positive consciousness

*To express constructive criticism and analysis of the circumstances around us

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