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OIDA Therapy Guides
What Are You Conscious Of

Next you will see a classification of the stages of life that will allow you to recognize the characteristics, which have accompanied your consciousness and had an impact in your life. Please, mark with an X each situation you have experienced and with which you feel identified.

From the moment of my birth I came feeling conscious of:

Feeling cold and hot

I have felt:

Fearful, from a need to feel secure
Pressured by others
Deceived by supposedly spiritual people
Pressured by representatives of the law
Manipulated or influenced by external energies
Enthusiastic to give the best of myself to others
Enthusiastic to renounce things I like to accomplish a higher goal
Addicted to external things

During my growth and education I have believed in:

The food I was fed
My mother
My father
My professors
The truth
The soul
My efforts
Divine energy
What I see
What I hear
What sacred books say
What has meaning
What produces beneficial results
Divine Mother Nature
The idea that everything is controlled

I perceive
My body
My normal state of consciousness Suggestions that come in dreams
My daydreams
My deep dreams
Dream paralysis (a state of consciousness in which the mind is awake but the body loses mobility for a period of time)
My waking
My dreams (as in hopes for the future) That my heart has longings
My smallness
Inner beauty
That everything is controlled by a Supreme Being
That there is a response to every action
That I am always guided and protected
The actions of my mind
The existence of memory
The existence of intelligence
The existence of the subconscious
The existence of my free will
The existence of my power of discrimination

I observe
The world around me
My family lineage
That one always ages, gets sick and dies

The power of money
The danger of calculating, exploiting and having egoism
My complete lack of memory
What my inner voice tells me

My own observation
My errors and worse
Human nature
The power of goodness
The power of the fullness of the truth
That I have exploited others

I accept
My responsibility

The law
The principle of Universal Love

I aspire
To have blessings
To have luck
To be appreciated
To be loved
To feel love for others
To find realizations
To live for God

I admire

I pursue
My goals
My ideals
My education
Easy results

I let myself be carried away by

I ignore
Good advice
The suffering of others
My sick condition

I like
My success
The success of others
When others suffer
My family
To demand less
My sensual pleasures

The Power of Faith

The following guide will help you become conscious of the people, relationships, elements and actions where you have placed your faith or have avoided doing so at different stages of your life.

The choices we present will be used in a particular way by each person, depending on their age, their circumstances, their social environment, etc. We should take into account the fact that human beings accept and place their faith in different types of activities, given their convenience and our desires to achieve them.
Regardless of the circumstances, we will never be able to avoid having some type of faith in them.

1. Faith in your mother and father
Faith in contact with others and with warmth
Faith in protection
Faith in food
Faith in your cry, which calls to others
Faith in your smile
Faith in affection
Faith in sounds and images

2. Faith in names
Faith in other people
Faith in the smell of your mother by way of a cloth or a doll
Faith in the discovery of your body
Faith in the difference between your body and the bodies of others
Faith in rebellion and in saying “no” to everything
Faith in your property (“mine”)
Faith in authority
Faith that dangers and enemies exist

3. Faith in everyone who cares for you (professors, family, etc.)
Faith in sentences
Faith in stories
Faith in hearing
Faith in your own words
Faith in an imaginary friend
Faith in nature
Faith in rewards
Faith in punishments
Faith in God, if you know it was instilled in you

4. Faith in compassion for animals
Faith in the appearance of your body
Faith in the value of your physical beauty

5. Faith in your friends
Faith in the discovery of your sexuality
Faith in the importance of the opposite sex
Faith in pleasure as the most important thing in life
Faith in sports and competition
Faith in your ability to argue
Faith in escaping reality through intoxication
Faith in the system of processes

6. Faith in Universal Love
Faith in nature and in the gratitude and care we owe her
Faith in a vision of personal growth
Faith in the possibility of freeing one’s self from suffering
Faith in the importance of being responsible
Faith in your ideas, ideologies, and teachings
Faith in austerities for spiritual advancement
Faith in the principles that regulate your desires and whims
Faith in your spiritual enthusiasm

7. Faith in activism to improve the quality of life for you and for others
Faith in your ideologies
Faith in your amiability and leadership ability
Faith in laws, governments and leaders
Faith in your businesses
Faith in the development of consciousness
Faith in charity for helping others
Faith in death as something that causes fear, gives relief or is transitory