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The Necessity of Personal Transformation

Human beings in general feel the need to change their lives to avoid the suffering their problems cause them. When we find ourselves in difficulty and see that our position is not the most advantageous, there is a certain weakening of our healthy faith and a sincere desire for the transformation that will be the basis for bringing about the change we crave. However, we cannot expect to get different results, if we continue to do things in the same way. We should ask for help with this process because we are not always aware of the behaviors that are causing negative effects in our lives. To find solutions, we first need to understand these causes.

The therapeutic work in this case is to recognize our conflicts and energize ourselves to bring about transformation. For that, OIDA Therapy offers us the opportunity to realize our respective transformations. First you are helped to analyze your life circumstances and your attitudes and intentions using therapeutic tools such as the Healing Circle. The Healing Circle shows you exactly where you are in relation to the goal of self-transformation.

One of the stated principles of OIDA Therapy is that, without faith, there is no real healing. To bring about any change the most important thing is to have faith that we are going to have some transformation and that we are going to improve our lives. The main stimulus for our transformation is to recognize that our lives have a transcendental character and that, by coming closer to that plane, preferably under the banner of a reliable mystical tradition, we can reach our desired goal of self-transformation.

We come closer to the Healing Circle and receive its benefits. OIDA Therapy is in itself a constant process of healing that improves every aspect of our lives. We are all enthusiasts and potentially disposed to improve our environment.

Circumstances that Inspire a Person to Transform His Life

*Seeing that one’s attitude affects others
*Seeing that the results of one’s actions are unfavorable
*Knowing that one will have to suffer in the future because of the damage one has done to others
*Understanding there is a better way to act or a higher goal
*Having faith that the Supreme Being will be pleased with our change
*Having permanent feelings of discomfort, fear and insecurity
*Having illuminating dreams
*Hearing one’s inner voice
*Knowing people who live inspiring lives
*Receiving inspiring advice
*Feeling lonely
*Being sick
*Receiving mercy
*Saying, praying or chanting the names of God
*Doing a self-analysis
*Feeling rejected
*Receiving some mystical impact
*Having faith in the beauty of one’s transformation
*Having faith that transcendental consciousness can be obtained

The Enthusiasts

Commonly, in the area of health, people who come for help are called “patients,” a word which can be taken to mean that they wait for their healing to happen. In OIDA Therapy we call our clients “enthusiasts” because they are people who are actively seeking their healing, and who accept the values espoused by Perennial Psychology. They make efforts to find a level of faith and consciousness beyond the usual social paradigms. This therapy is for those who are enthusiastic to know their true identity beyond the unconscious and the subconscious. It is for those who feel the necessity to widen their horizons.

These enthusiasts are also characterized by the desire to know more about themselves, through identifying with Universal Love, by wanting to live without injustice and unnecessary violence, and by taking on the process of self-help and of service to others. These attitudes reduce their inconsideration and selfishness and lead them to accept that these negative attitudes are the cause of imbalances in their own consciousness.

To satisfy this need for self-awareness, OIDA Therapy provides basic teachings about the nature of being as a unit of individual consciousness. This individual consciousness lives in a physical body and is able to interact with the environment through the senses. The physical body is changing by its very nature. It is born, grows, lasts for a while, gradually deteriorates and finally perishes.

Furthermore, the being is covered by a subtle body composed of: the mind, which is the center of activities and emotions and the source of ideas, the intelligence, which is the faculty of judgment, which should direct the mind, and the ego. The ego is the faculty by which the individual consciousness identifies with its material existence, forgetting its origin because it has entered into a relationship with the world and identified with it.

In OIDA Therapy we use the word “enthusiast” in special way. Enthusiasts are people who are pro-active about healing and self-realization. They are willing to make the attitudinal and lifestyle changes necessary to bring about the desired results.

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